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Vann, Ph. Walder, M. Thom, M. Advances in diving medicine have intermit- opments by diving medicine was essentially tently followed and led the past years of limited to naval services. The decompression. The specific stresses were of helium to avoid the narcosis induced by temperature, the toxicity of oxygen, and nitrogen in deep air diving. These groups carbon dioxide accumulation, none of which developed equipment and procedures to was solvable by medical guidance alone. In labo- oxygen opened wide new areas of basic phys- ratory experiments on human divers, these iologic research interest important to oxygen groups explored the degrees of hyperoxic therapy, respiratory and circulatory regula- exposure that would avoid the drastic diving tion, blood gas transport, the concept of hazard of oxygen convulsions.

These allowed After World War II, wide civilian use of a empirical adjustment around a theoretical demand valve for self-contained, open- base. The rules were established and the system air breathing underwater swung the equipment designed to encase the diver, cycle of diving medical interest back to provide security and stability at the work the classic naval guidelines for air diving.

The result was a parallel expansion of diving physician, I am impressed by the col- interest by civilian physicians in diving and lective breadth of scientific competence rep- diving medicine while military interest resented by the many contributors to this was low. Such detailed expertise was hard to This book on diving medicine has pro- come by.

How did it develop? The present present activity. The book is generally con- state of instantaneous voice or graphic com- cerned with the effects of self-imposed expo- munication should be contrasted with the sures to stresses by otherwise healthy previous limitations of worldwide direct per- persons rather than with spontaneous sonal communication by mail and ship prior disease occurring in working divers. Stresses to World War II. Today, most sport The expansion of interest and activity fol- diving involves the relaxed, harmless, and lowing World War II was directly aided by the pleasurable activity of air breathing and U.

This hardly requires the atten- iologic environmental stress.


This effort tion of diving medicine. In the usual properly stimulated development of a National controlled circumstances of current open- Science Foundation and the National circuit diving, stress and its effects are incon- Institutes of Health, with each new agency sequential; problems relate to the potential actively supporting undersea biomedicine for accident rather than to intolerance of for several decades.

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All of this individual and stress. The composite of univer- severe thermal environments, the varied sity, industry, and naval interest investment forms of physiologic stresses inherent to all and work was worldwide. The international communication and the advance commercial working diver or the military of undersea activity and medicine. One was combat diver continues to encounter the the year triennial series of International most severe combination of stresses and Underwater Physiology Symposia.

The other physiologic trauma of any form of human was establishment of an Undersea Medical activity. At the extremes of practical forms of Society, which in turn spawned a European working diving, the individual is exposed to Underwater Biomedical Society and satellites. Interest in diving the effects of physical ambient pressure, medical research expanded concurrently with incapacitating loss or excess of body heat, the initiation and gigantic growth of an and damage due to failure to avoid free gas offshore petroleum industry, diving for rec- phase development in body tissues.

Because reation, and military clandestine diving - each of these stresses is a consequence of equipment. Inevitably, hyperoxygenation exposure to the pressure or temperature of therapy research and application became water, or both, disease is always possible. It has a primary role in aiding advancement of the scientific bases for oper- and providing operational guidelines, ational roles is enlarged by a close aware- which prevent pathophysiologic failure or a ness of why it all took so long.

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It serves to provide a rational basis for effective therapy of Christian J. Lambertsen, M.

It must conduct Founding Director new research to further advance diving Institute for Environmental Medicine and activity and the therapy of diving-related Director, Environmental Biomedical Stress disorders. This edition of Diving Medicine continues clinical thinking on asthma and diving is our effort to provide physicians who care for addressed in Chapter The cardiovascular divers, or who may encounter diving-related chapter has been updated to reflect the accu- questions in their practice, a compendium of mulating information on patent foramen diving medicine that can be used as a daily ovale, the exercise workloads required for practice aid and as a general reference for diving, concerns with cardiac arrhythmias, patient care related to diving.

Tipton, Mekjavic, diabetes and diving by Drs. Scott and Marks and Golden have contributed a new chapter that is applicable to the recreational diving on hypothermia. Taylor provides an community but that does not apply to com- excellent updated review of issues related to mercial or military diving. We have also women and diving. Her review of sports expanded several of the clinical chapters to medicine, exercise in women, and exercise cover topics that have appeared since the during pregnancy offers a practical approach publication of the third edition.

Medical eval- to understanding the unique situations of uation for sport diving is covered in a women who dive. Previous material on specific chapter and is separated from com- marine intoxication is now a separate mercial and military diving. Smith and chapter that complements Dr. We have reflects their extensive experience in Navy added an appendix on diabetic protocols for diving and can be used by Diving Medical diving that supplements Chapter Special Officers in many navies of the world.

Massey, who agreed Dr. Greer on the neu- tary diving. Elliott provided an update on rologic aspects of diving. We continue to use the standard nomen- Most chapters have been significantly clature for diving-related disorders rather revised. Chapter 2, Diving Physics, and than one of several proposed changes in the Chapter 5, Breath-Hold Diving, have new description of diving disorders.

In particular, authors who provide expanded insight into the use of the term decompression illness is these two areas of diving medicine. Some used when addressing the totality of disor- chapters describe slowly changing areas of ders related to decompression i. Hamilton demon- arterial gas embolism. Decompression sick- strates his considerable expertise in mixed- ness in this text describes disorders caused gas diving with an excellent review of the by evolution of bubbles in gas-supersaturated topic in Chapter 6.

Vann has considerably tissues; pulmonary barotrauma and arterial revised the chapter on mechanisms of gas embolism indicate disorders due to physi- decompression sickness, and Dr. Neither term includes changes in approaches to treatment of the other, and overlapping clinical syndromes diving-related disorders. Neuman pro- are mentioned where appropriate.

We under- vides updates to the chapters on baro- stand the difficulty in some cases of ascribing trauma, near drowning, and pulmonary the symptoms or signs to one disorder or the disorders. These chapters bring the most other; however, this system of nomenclature recent information and clinical opinion to reflects the current understanding of diving these topics.