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Other studies reveal the negative impacts of these tech-products.

Some of the studies take both the positive and negative impacts of these technologies into consideration and some others show a balanced approach regarding the use of the tech-gadgets and services. Some use may help to promote listening ability, learning sounds, and speech. This is one of the effects of using gadgets.

Playing a game or fiddling with a gadget makes you hungry and unknowingly you begin to binge on food without moving an inch from the couch, thus adding to the pounds of weight. Miller Healthy Child Healthy World acknowledges this rising radiation issue among children and gives tips on protecting your child from these harmful gadget. With this, the American Academy of Pediatrics discourage the tech use for children under the age of two saying that it changes the nature of childhood.

Moreover, children are now learning how to use gadgets first even before they could walk or even tie their shoe lace. When the use takes the form of addiction then the impact may be negative upon both. Phil Reed Studies on this have revealed that this exaggerated use may indeed be a cause. Aggression and problematic child behavior are the usual manifestations that there may be a problem.

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The description of the sample, the instrument which contain the interview, guide question, the procedure for data collection, and the analysis of data. The researcher employed a phenomenological research design and methodology to achieve the objectives of this study. Researchers who use qualitative research adapt a person- centered and holistic perspective to understand the human experience, without focusing on specific concepts. These events and circumstances are important to the researcher.

However, immersion cannot be obtained without a researcher-participant trusting relationship. The relationship is built through basic interviewing and interpersonal skills. Researcher maintained eye contact to encourage participants to continue speaking. The researcher used one instrument in this study which is personal interview with aid of a formulated interview guide question. The formulated interview guide question are a product of literature reading and brainstorming from the researcher.

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The following are the research interview Guide used in the study: 3. Are they helpful? What are the negative effect? How does addiction of gadgets affect their behaviour? Why or why not? Answer this number if you are in-favoured in number 6 As a teacher, parent or guardian what are your possible recommendations, advices and solution for the kids who were addicted playing gadgets and more than studying and doing some physical activities? I always nagging them about the memories that we have. I would love to do this, but I feel like I would be lynched in my own home.

But maybe this is what I need to risk so they can look back and remember the family moments, not the video games, the bins of junk, the piles of stuffed animals, etc….. Thank you for your post!!

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Thanks Tanya. I wish you the best. It is definitely a BIG and hard step to take, but so worth it! GREAT post! I think what stops me from clearing out his room the most is knowing that she had such a good heart in getting him stuff. How do I get rid of stuff without looking ungrateful?? Thanks Juli. She has gotten a little better over the years as we have gently tried to explain how important it is that our kids not have too much stuff.

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I think seeing me give some of their stuff away that she had given them also made her realize it was a little too much. Now she sticks mostly to clothes so they are very well dressed. I have the same situation… my inlaws including aunts-in-law constantly buy my kids crap. What finally did it was having my MIL here when I had another baby. Now she gets them one big thing they actually need, and asks us first. This post just really hits home as I am the mother to two grown children and with my daughter getting married in the middle of July and wanting to start her family early next year by the latest , I am faced with some soul searching here.

My mother was a wonderful, loving, generous woman born in just before the Great Depression. My Dad always had a great job as an Engineer, and my brother and I were raised solid middle class. We did not lack for anything. I love stuff so my Mom always was very generous with gifts for my kids, God bless her soul. When my daughter was 7 and my son 2, our family moved away out of state. My parents would visit for 10 days only every summer. My Mom would bring mucho gifts when they visited. I think my kids were happier to see my parents for the gifts then for themselves.

I never realized this until I read this post.

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  • This is a two generation trend, and I vow to break this trend with my future grandchildren instead making the time they will have with their Mom-Mom the special gift of the day. I love everything that has been said here and wished I had thought of some of these things with my own children. I love the idea of rotating toys. I can only imagine how it can overwhelm children.

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    • Thanks for everyone here for their input. Ruth, you made a step in the right direction for your family. This year I finally made some headway and my sisters got together and gave us a family membership to our favorite zoo and for my daughters birthday this month my sister sent 4 movie passes and a gift card enough to cover popcorn and juice for everyone. My daughter and I think these were the best gifts to date!

      I also went with the less is more thought at Christmas when Santa filled a stocking socks, undies, her favorite bath bubbles, a pack of side walk chaulk and a bottle of outdoor bubbles! I went small in gifting this year too. Two new outfits and a couple of books. I really thought my daughter would be disapointed but she had more fun with the few things then with the many of years past!

      Her mother acctually thanked me for thinking outside the box and not bringing another toy into their house. This weekend she is taking the girls to one of those indoor play grounds, I thanked her for the lack of toy gift too! Thank you for the inspriration to really get rid of all the toys that I keep stepping on that never get played with. I know just what I will keep and everything else will get packed away or donated!

      Thank you!!! I caught so much slack from my mom friends, telling me how that was cruel and unfair for my children to have no toys to play with.

      Boys and Their Toys: Understanding Men by Understanding Their Relationship with Gadgets

      There was no more arguing for a clean room. There was no more stuff scattered throughout the house. Christmas, birthdays, and other holidays have seen a steady influx of toys back into the house. Great post. I agree with a lot of what you said. I know that was a bold move, and probably not an easy one to do. I agree also with what you said about stuff in itself is not bad, but the pursuit of more is the problem.

      Over the past couple of years we have worked to reduce our kids stuff as well, along with technology. My only question is I wonder if kids have a heart change because of something like this, or is it just a behavior modification.

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      I guess the jury is still out on that. Is it a good behavior award? Just curious. Thanks for sharing your honesty in this post. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks BG. We use a diamond jar reward system.

      Toys for Children with Special Needs - Special Needs Toys

      They can earn diamonds for doing something helpful or reading or trying hard in school or learning their memory work, and once they have earned 10 diamonds they can get one toy back. Princess had her birthday while we were in Key West. We gave her a book and a dress, but her main gift was going on the trip. Hopefully next Christmas our credit card debt will be a memory and we will take a trip to make a memory!

      I love this post!!! I have twin girls and have been having the same problems with them. They have way to much toys and they never clean their stuff up. THey now expect me to clean it and if they have toys and are done with them they just throw them on the ground. I have threatend them many times to take away a lot of their toys but have never done it…until this week.

      Earlier in the week I spent hours in their room organizing the toys and cleaning. By day three my kids had taken every toy out and their room was a disaster. They refused to clean up.