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The sponsorship acknowledgement letter is a thank-you to the company after they have made a donation. Sponsorship letters should be sent out well in advance of your event or project.

You want to give the company enough time to consider and respond to your donation request. Give some brief background including your mission, vision, and how you serve your community. We are hosting our [event name] on [date] at [location].

Creating a KillerAppeal Letter

In the past, this event has raised [amount] and has [list out specific accomplishments using statistics and figures]. Our goal is [amount], and we were hoping that you could help us reach that goal. Check out these other sponsorship letters!

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These letters or emails! Donors should receive an acknowledgement within two days of making a donation.

Fundraising for Non-Profit: Direct Mail Best Practices

Feel free to send out an acknowledgement email as well as a direct mail letter. You can never be too appreciative of your donors! We hope that these six fundraising letter templates have given you some insight into how to write an amazing fundraising appeal. Which ones have you used in the past?

2. Tell A Story in Your Direct Mail Fundraising Letters

Which letters have you had the most success with? If you want to learn more valuable fundraising tips, check out these additional resources:. Your email address will not be published. Your Name required.

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Your Email required. Your Message. Support Login. Donation Request Letters What are donation request letters? It is a hybrid of art, marketing, science, and philanthropy. At the end of the day, we all want to raise money for our charities and their work because it truly makes our lives and our world better.

I would hazard a guess that if you are reading this, you also feel the same. However, most importantly, direct mail is about story-telling to real, live people. Direct mail is still one of the best and most consistent ways for a charity to raise money, even though its demise has been forecasted for years! This fundraising vehicle is not going anywhere, despite some charities belief to the contrary, and the increasing positive focus on integrated, multi-channel marketing.

Why then does direct mail get such a bad rap? Here are some traits of effective direct mail copy backed by research and results! Sometimes, direct mail is criticized for its lack of grammatical brilliance or its usage of over-used terms.

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How to Design a Donor-centric Fundraising Letter

To avoid some of these pitfalls, click here. When writing any copy, it is very important to keep in mind who the actual target audience is for direct mail. We need to always remember to write for her. Rather than educate donors about your work, take them on a journey. By Joe Boland. Make your mail appeals as compelling as possible. Kagan said you should make sure to state your needs clearly and give donors real stories, facts, statistics, updates, photographs and more.

Test different variables.

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You should always be trying to beat your control, so test everything from inserts to letter length, to time of mailing to the envelope. Evaluate mail campaign progress regularly. It doesn't make sense to continually mail donor segments that are unprofitable. Use analytics to weed out the disinterested donors, and place lapsed or low-dollar donors back into the acquisition program, Kagan suggested, because the cost per piece is lower due to the higher volume mailed in acquisition.

What Every Non-Profit Ought to Know about Direct Mail Fundraising

Honor your donors' requests. In addition, send a letter notifying the donor that this request has been honored," Kagan said. If they don't respond to the once-a-year appeals, send a letter reminding them you honored their request but haven't received a contribution. Treat your top donors as top donors, using advanced personalization and an "insider" approach, acknowledging past giving history, using closed-faced envelopes, First Class stamps, etc.