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Using Dates in Calendars

This is no longer enough. Today, what makes you stand out is your ability to listen and connect on a human level. This is particularly true with millennials , who we found prefer brands that are honest and socially responsible. For example, 23andMe focuses on unearthing the stories your genetics tell, including connecting people with long-lost family members or relatives they never knew they had. Therefore, when NationalSiblingsDay rolls around, it is not only on brand, but more engaging and meaningful, when they highlight some of their favorite stories their customers have sent them about reuniting or finding their siblings.

Additionally, you can use the same approach to find the most relevant topics for your social content outside of hashtag holidays.


At most, focus on one per week or just a couple per month. Better yet, focus on the holidays that are most meaningful to you as a company and to your audience as people, and the cadence should even out from there. Need a little help finding the best time to post? Start Your Free Trial. Not only will insights from Advanced Listening help you identify which hashtags resonate with your audience, but it also gives you unprecedented access to critical qualitative context as to why.

Brands still struggle to track and measure performance when it comes to social media.

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It pays to visualize how your campaigns fit amongst the rest of your content strategy and for a lot of businesses, that includes hashtag holidays. Dig deeper into your hashtag analytics and set a literal measure for success.

Work Days & Holidays

You can do this by benchmarking your best hashtag holiday from a year prior and setting new goals around that performance. Take care with your copy. This is your moment to share why you care and how this hashtag holiday connects you to your audience. Scheduling will save you tons of time, and help you visualize and better plan your hashtag efforts.

Customization Forms

For example, you might decide which holidays to use and populate your scheduler with the hashtags and post copy. Then, you might hire a professional photographer to take photos of you and your team, or a graphic designer to provide some custom images for you to share—you can pop these into your asset library later when the images are ready.

Take this post and take advantage of the list of holidays — relevant, popular hashtags can dramatically improve your ability to connect your brand with people and ultimately, increase social engagement.

What are some of your favorite hashtag holidays? Tweet us at SproutSocial or share your thoughts in the comments below. Request a demo. Files formatted according to the specification usually have an extension of. Provides dates for flag notifications.

Flag notifications relate to the half-masting of flags or an instruction to fly specific flags. The iCal download file includes the current calendar year's entire sitting day schedule for both Houses for you to import and view within your own calendar application. Skip to main content.

Daylight saving

Home iCal calendar. A number of iCalendar downloads are available on the vic.

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