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Also, we have an online community for folks to collaborate, please join us! Thanks for your great podcast and articles, I love your work! And thanks for adding my comment. Thank you!

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Thank you for these great resources, and for your own insights into best practices for teaching social justice. I checked out the Anti-Defamation League and they have some great resources. I especially love that despite being supportive of the State of Israel, they had some lessons against Anti-Muslim bigotry and about how to be an ally to Muslim citizens. Hi Susan, Thank you for sharing this.

I have added additional information to the listing for the ADL. Self centered concept of social justice. It has a fully aligned curriculum that is free online. Saying Prop 8 is controversial is the same as saying segrated schools is controversial. Both were struck down by the US Supreme Court under the same legal test.

Using that as an example demonstrates your bias. There is no classroom that should suggest treating others differently under the law is okay. Hi Jim. If I have any bias, it comes from living in a state that has a history of voting against any policy that would improve civil rights for members of the LGBT community, and being part of the local movements that have pushed for improving those rights. I am all too aware of the opposition to LGBT rights in this country. Calling the fight to legalize same-sex marriage controversial has nothing to do with standing on the side of those who oppose it.

In New Zealand, to our discredit, schools fail to include historical accounts of our first nations indigenous peoples, and of course as a consequence our kids miss out on fundamental philosophical concepts through their formative years. Lots and lots of other issues too that can be a part of the important social justice discourse for the development of our kids. As and educator I will most certainly share this article widely. Thanks, George! I love just about everything you share and especially love this post.

Hi Ann! Thanks so much! Good luck with your boards! I also recommend Radical Math for the socially aware math educators who want to add some social justice into their math curriculum!

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Hello, I am a student in the mathematics secondary education program at the University of Illinois and I am preparing for student teaching in the spring semester. In my classes we spend a considerable amount of time discussing culturally relevant math teaching and including social justice in our lessons. Still I understand there is always a lot to learn. Despite all this I still am struggling with finding ways to incorporate these topics into math lessons where I also have to include math standards, accommodations, and differentiation for students among many other requirements.

So I really appreciate the resource you provided as well as all the above resources. These concrete examples will surely take a lot of pressure off of me as a beginning teacher. Yes, these would make great additions to your already amazing list of resources. I especially like the trial activity in the book Rethinking Columbus. I strongly object to the use of any ADL resources on a site claiming to promote social justice. Even Jewish groups speak out against ADL. One cannot cherry-pick social justice issues. If this was a group that had good resources on one social justice issue but supported misogyny in other areas — I doubt that you would continue to use them as a resource.

Classrooms and Social Justice: Why Start with Pedagogy?

It is a real and problematic double standard among progressive people that somehow it is ok for groups deny Palestinian rights as long as the group is ok on other issues. Please be aware of the source Brooke Atherton cites. I appreciate the comments and contributions of everyone who visits my site, and the concerns about the ADL outside of the context of their social justice curriculum have been voiced here.

Thanks for the article! I thought it was interesting that you suggest getting you know each students background in order to better teach the social justice curriculum. Viewing each issue through just our point of view can create a specific bias and can block our growth and learning.

I once had a teacher that made sure we understood every aspect of a situation in order to make an educated decision. This always made learning about new and challenging topics more enjoyable. I really appreciate your input, I hope to apply it to my own teaching style. Great set of resources! Readers might also be interested in Preparing to Teach Social Studies for Social Justice: Becoming a Renegade, which features advice, lesson plans, and strategies from 20 justice-oriented social studies teachers.

Thank you for all the resources. Contains lesson plans, reflections, and student work.

Pedagogies of Difference: Rethinking Education for Social Justice by Peter Pericles Trifonas

Very well-written and just plain wonderful and inspiring. Hi there. I was wondering if you could take a look at my Grades activist graphic novel, whentherulesarentright. AFT has endorsed it, and have created a lesson plan. It focuses on worker and women history and motivates kids at the end of the book to determine how they want to make a difference.

Thanks so much, Leslie Tolf.

Pedagogies of Difference: Rethinking Education for Social Justice

Hi, Leslie! Please send us a link through our contact page and we can talk further there. I second the addition of Rethinking Schools materials for this list — I use them all the time in my work preparing social justice educators aka science teachers! Thanks for this website — I will be adding it to the recommended reading for my teacher candidates this coming year!

This was SO needed! Americans Who Tell the Truth is a great resource for social justice work in the classroom. The site presents over Americans who have taken stands on multiple issues from the environment to civil rights.

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These people are motivational and informative guides for students working on social justice issues. Lots of good resources here. My name is Juliana and I am a teacher in Ontario Canada. I recently stumbled upon your website and found it very helpful. In light of everything going on in our world, it makes me want to teach my students to be better citizens and understand diversity and culture and race. I enjoyed the ideas you had on your website, but was wondering if you knew of anyone you could connect me with, or if you have any other ideas or lessons that I could incorporate in my classroom regarding teaching my students about diversity, culture, race, bias, and love.

I am looking for lessons that would be suited for elementary school students Primary or Junior specifically Thanks,. Hi, Juliana! Hope this helps! Such an important topic, thank you for sharing. Looks like I am late to the party. Obviously the need for this has grown exponentially. You absolutely nailed it, and included some of my favorites.

If anyone sees this and needs social justice songs, or would like to suggest a topic for me to write about I will give it to you when I am done recording it please feel free to get in touch via my website. Thanks again for the great article and resources! I think this is the most important issue to teach in a classroom, honestly.

I think that one of the bigger things is also to see the global picture behind social justice. For example, there is a great documentary on the 2 dollar a day issue that I used in my class that also helped us explore how views on the issue could differ from the point of view of those making the documentary students from the US and my students in Ecuador. Thank you for such a great article. Hi Dena.

A Collection of Resources for Teaching Social Justice

I hope that my revision has at least removed the suggestion of a false equivalence. Jennifer, if the KKK were providing some good resource material on social justice, would you include it here? I think not.